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Stainless Steel Conveyor

Stainless Steel Conveyors, Belt Conveyors, and More Streamline Food Processing Operations


Packaging systems should always work to benefit the user as best as possible, and that is exactly what your operation gets when you invest in stainless steel conveyors, belt conveyors, and more from Technical Packaging Systems, Inc. Offering high quality conveyors and other equipment from Triton Innovation, LLC, the team at Technical Packaging Systems can help any business in the food processing industry find the food grade conveyors and more to get products packaged and on the move.

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Filling System

See Filling and Capping Machines and Label Applicators at the CannaCon Midwest Show


If you are planning on making a trip to the Rosemont in Chicago for the CannaCon Midwest Show, you can meet with Technical Packaging Systems to see our FC 100 cartridge filling and capping machine, as well as our Model 390 label applicators. When visiting our booth, our representatives will be discussing the benefits of each while also providing ways that individuals or businesses who work with us can find unique and quality solutions through the use of the machinery we offer. If you can’t make it to the Show, we will miss seeing you, however, we will provide quality information here so that you can still learn everything you need to know about the machinery from Technical Packaging Systems.

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Filler System

Maintain Filler System Efficiency with the FC100 Cartridge Filler Capper


No matter what industry you are in, when your operations involve a filler system, they need to be accurate and efficient to ensure that everything runs smoothly day after day. Technical Packaging Systems offers the FC100 Cartridge Filler Capper as a way for businesses to ensure that their filler system is consistent with their filler needs. Simple to operate and manage, the FC100 can be the perfect addition to any filler system as an additional tool to increase production.

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Inspection Equipment

Source Your Anritsu Inspection Equipment from Technical Packaging Systems


If you’re in the market for top-quality inspection equipment, Technical Packaging Systems offers the industry’s best options. Carrying a wide range of Anritsu equipment, we can supply you with X-ray systems, checkweighers, metal detectors, rejectors, and more. And, with a sterling reputation in the industry, you can always count on us to deliver the absolute best customer service. Whether you’re looking to implement new measures on your line to ensure quality or you’re aiming to streamline your inspection processes, you can be confident that our team will work with you to understand your needs, identify opportunities, and deliver results.

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Case Former

Learn the Features of Wexxar’s WF20 Fully Automatic Tool-less Case Former


If your operation relies on consistent, fast-paced case forming, you’ll want to investigate the features of the new WF20 by Wexxar. Available from Technical Packaging Systems, this case former is engineered from the ground up for efficiency and high-speed applications. With a case squaring system and a pin and dome case opening system that work together to ensure accurate forming, the WF20 is the market’s most advanced case former. Excellent for a wide range of applications, it offers simple, easy-to-navigate touch screen controls that allow your operators to monitor and adjust all of its systems.

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Label Applicator

Optimize Your Line with the Model 390 Label Applicator from AutoLabe


If you’re looking for a better way to label your products when they’re on the line, the Model 390 Automatic Horizontal Wraparound Label Applicator from AutoLabe is an excellent solution. Ideal for pharmaceutical applications, it offers extremely accurate label placement. This level of dependability is essential in a wide range of industries, including medical, food, chemical, and warehousing. When you need to be absolutely, positively certain that your labels are being applied correctly and consistently you owe it to yourself  — and your customers — to utilize equipment that has been engineered from the ground up for accuracy.

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Marking and Coding

Explore the Benefits of Marking and Coding Technology from Markem-Imaje


When it comes to marking and coding technology, there’s only one name in the business: Markem-Imaje. Technical Packaging Systems is proud to offer a full line of Markem-Imaje’s equipment, which affords our customers an unparalleled number of options in regards to applying printing, marking, and coding to their products. Markem-Imaje’s newest product line, the 5000 Series, are high-resolution inkjet coders that fill quickly and utilize environmentally friendly Touch Dry® hot melt inks. With this setup, you can be confident that your codes will remain readable and presentable for their duration.

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Technical Packaging Systems

Technical Packaging Adds Travis Hill, a New Sales Engineer


On March 20th, 2020, Technical Packaging Systems hired Travis Hill, an experienced sales engineer who aims to provide excellent service while offering innovative, cost-saving solutions for our customers’ packaging projects. Based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Travis is a welcome addition to Technical Packaging Systems, a company that has remained committed to top-notch customer service since our founding over thirty years ago. With expertise in supporting projects from beginning to end, Travis will join an experienced team of individuals who work closely with customers to ensure that their projects remain on track, within budget, and efficient.

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Cannabis Packaging

A Trusted Supplier of Proven, Effective Cannabis Packaging Solutions


When it comes to packaging systems, it should come as no surprise that Technical Packaging Systems is an industry leader. Adapting to new and growing markets, we now offer the widest selection of high-quality cannabis packaging solutions. With a range of equipment available, we are your go-to source for grinders, fillers, cappers, labelers, and more. Working with trusted brands like Revolution and RocketBox, we can help you locate the equipment that you need to keep your operation moving.

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Cannabis Packaging

Delivering a Full Line of High-Quality Cannabis Packaging Equipment


All across Michigan, marijuana dispensaries are opening up and owners are looking to purchase quality cannabis packaging equipment. Especially now, with coronavirus putting businesses into a state of lockdown, growers and distributors are looking for dependable, domestically shipped products that can handle their workflow. Because of this, Technical Packaging Systems has partnered with some of the industry’s best manufacturers to source, stock, and deliver the absolute best packaging products on the market.

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