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Case Packing

Upgrade Case Packing Stations with a Wexxar BEL 505 and 505XL


When you want to upgrade your packing station with semi-automated production that is sure to increase efficiency and dependability of your operation, the Wexxar BEL 505 and 505XL from Technical Packaging Systems, Inc. is a great option. Specifically design for manual case packing lines, the BEL 505 and 505XL, when connected to any BEL case sealer, can allow your workers to form, pack, and seal corrugated cases, all at one station!

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Packaging Automation

Packaging Automation Tops of the Packaging Process with Inkjet Coders


Packaging automation should always provide accurate and dependable work from start to finish, and the 5940 G Inkjet Coders from Markem-Imaje provide the perfect end to an automated operation with precisely printed barcodes. When printing coding on packaging, it needs to be done correctly every time to ensure the package can always be found in digital systems to move forward correctly in transit.

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Wraparound Label Applicator

Pharmacies Maximize Speed and Precision a Wraparound Label Applicator


When a business like a pharmacy is working with small labels day in and day out, a wraparound label applicator can be the perfect tool to maximize speed and precision for products. Although this is a process that can be done by hand, the proper equipment can maximize efficiency of the individual doing the labeling by providing them with a way to perform accurate, automatic labeling.

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Automatic Case Former

An Automatic Case Former Keeps Operations Simple


By investing in an automatic case former, packaging and shipping operations can be kept simple. Automatic equipment from Technical Packaging Solutions, Inc. can improve your workflow by reducing the number of responsibilities included during the packaging process and increasing productivity. Our team provides only the latest and greatest machinery in the business of packaging, so you know you can count on our Wexxar WF20 to erect cases better for your needs.

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Automatic Label Applicator

Keep Products Consistent with an Automatic Label Applicator


When developing your brand, consistency is important, and an automatic label applicator from Technical Packaging Systems, Inc. can provide unmatched consistency for your products’ packaging. We provide the Model 600 Series automatic pressure sensitive labeling systems from Auto Labe for any business that is interested in consistent and accurate labeling of their products.

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Cannabis Cartridge Filler and Capper

See Our Cannabis Cartridge Filler and Capper at the Oklahoma CannaCon Expo


If you missed the cannabis cartridge filler and capper from Technical Packaging Systems, Inc. at the CannaCon Midwest Show, you have another great opportunity to learn about it at the Oklahoma CannaCon Expo. The team at Technical Packaging Systems will be featuring our FC100 cartridge filling and capping technology, a piece of automation that can be a great benefit to the operations of any cannabis business that wants to increase the efficiency and accuracy of their operation.

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Label Applicator

Get the Fine Details with a Label Applicator that Does it All


When your packaging production needs a label applicator for medium-duty applications that require thermal transfer overprinting, the SmartDate® X45 is the printer you can count on. Offering a way to put high-quality coding onto flexible film packaging, the SmartDate X45 ensures that your operation can get the thermal transfer overprinting that it needs to meet production requirements and work efficiently throughout your operation without error. Technical Packaging Systems, Inc. has provided the best packaging solutions to businesses for decades, so you can count on a label applicator from us to best suit your production’s needs.

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Invest in a Reliable Checkweigher to Keep Up with Holiday Demands


With the holidays just around the corner, your business can better keep up with holiday demands with an accurate and dependable checkweigher from Technical Packaging Systems, Inc. With large amounts of packages being moved during the holidays, you cannot afford for your equipment to let you down, and the Anritsu checkweigher that we have to offer can provide your operations with an easy-to-use and reliable piece of equipment that will keep with demand. When you need professional packaging solutions that will always be the best help for your business operations, you can count on Technical Packaging Systems to provide what you are looking for.

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Case Coding

Labels, Packaging, and More Get Quality Printing with High-Definition Case Coding


Although it may not always seem like something of large importance in a production line, quality, high-definition case coding is not something to be taken for granted. Technical Packaging Systems, Inc. offers some the best and most efficient case coding machines with the 5800 Touch Dry® High Resolution Inkjet Coder. Designed to quickly fill and jet hot melt inks, your codes won’t fade, bleed, or smear since they are dry on contact as soon as they are printed. This system works together to create print codes that are some of the darkest and most consistently scannable in the industry!

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Guarantee Accurate, Dependable Measurements with the Anritsu Checkweigher


If your production line is in need of a new checkweigher, Technical Packaging Systems, Inc. would like to introduce you to the accurate and dependable Anritsu SSV Series checkweigher. Knowing the exact weight of packages, cartons, and individual products is important to preventing any rejects that may be under or over the weight they are supposed to be. The Anritsu SSV Series delivers accurate and reliable measurements time and again for businesses and will ensure that whatever goes on to the next stage of the packaging process is always perfect.

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