Tray Forming

Technical Packaging Systems offers a range of fully-automatic tray formers to address the needs of the agricultural and food processing industries. Designed to reliably assemble your operation's essential packaging materials, they allow you to quickly and efficiently process, pack and ship your products.

IPak 350 Series Tray Formers

Hailed as a "Built to Work" machine, the IPak 350 Series forms all common footprint trays, including standard European designs and most designs that include a rollover side wall. User-friendly and easy to adjust, the machine allows for changeovers in under fifteen minutes. More importantly, IPak has built their reputation on providing reliable, long-lasting machines that provide value – and cost savings – to their machine's users.


Committed to helping our clients maintain their uptime and improve their operation's productivity, Technical Packaging Systems will work with you to understand the needs of your application and, once those needs have been established, integrate tray formers – and other equipment – that will help to streamline your operation.

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