Palletizing Systems

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Your product from you to your customer usually involves a pallet. Automate it. Load it, strap it, wrap it—all automatically. We have all the following for any type or size pallet:

Automatic Pallet Storage Systems

Need to track individual pallets? Do you have a FIFO or LIFO, or similar requirement? Efficient pallet handling can increase your bottom line by increasing your material handling efficiency.

No matter what kind of pallet you use, how you need to orient it, how much or little it weighs, or where you need to move it, we have a conveyor to handle it. See the Conveyor Systems for additional information.Pallet Utilization Systems

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Lift Tables

Avoid excess movement and the injuries that go with it. Available as either hydraulic or pneumatic, in multiple styles, capacities and configurations.

Pallet Dispensers and Stackers

The days of manhandling pallets are long gone. Load the magazine with empty pallets and dispense them automatically for loading. Alternatively, for incoming product automatically stack empties as they are unloaded.

Pallet Rotating Devices

If your configuration requires reorienting a pallet or you need to turn it to load or off-load manually, there is a way to automate that.

Pallet Strapping Systems

For most indoor applications strapping is the most cost effective means of securing the load on a pallet. Plastic strapping with a heat-sealed joint has almost universally replaced steel banding, although that is still available. Systems range from manual to fully automated and semi-automatic systems. We can integrate this process, accommodated to your speed and number of bands required per pallet, into the overall packaging line.


Multiple load configurations of many types of products done automatically. Program the machine, turn on the product supply and watch it happen.
Capacity up to 40 boxes/minute, 110″ height, and 4′ x 4′ pallet size.

Stretch Hooders

An effective alternative to shrink wrapping especially when heat is an issue. Protects product on 5 sides even from weather. Facilitates advertising media right on the packaging. Provides superior load stability.

Stretch Wrappers

Semi-automatic or automatic, either as a turntable (rotates the load to wrap) or straddle (wraps the film around a stationary load). Many models of stretch wrappers are maintenance free. Even some semi-automatic models incorporate time-saving features. Option for remote collection of performance data. Horizontal wrapping available.

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