Bagging Systems

Bagging SystemsWhether you bag inside a box or use a bag alone, we can improve your productivity.

Case Poly Bag Inserters

Bulk packing facilities can increase productivity by converting your packaging line from a manual or semi-automatic operation to a high-tech automatic polybag inserter. The inserter opens the shipping case then inserts a polybag from pre-made flats or bags on a roll. After inserting, the machine cuffs the top of the bag over the edges and seals the case bottom with hot melt glue or tape, ready to fill with product.

The case polybag inserters have an all-in-one design and a small footprint, making them capable of being placed within your current bulk packaging line.

Vertical Form Fill Seal

The vertical form fill seal machines are efficient auto baggers that put the forming, filling and sealing of the bag within one operation. The most versatile of the vertical form fill seal baggers can make quad seals, flat bottom, doy style, brick fold down/tape down, and pillow bags in one machine. You choose whether to insert a roll of single-sheet polyethylene or other bagging material, or rolls of pre-formed bags. Switching material and bag style is a simple matter, resulting in little down time when swapping out product lines.

  • Bagging Systems Video
  • Bagging Systems Video