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Technical Packaging Systems offers a massive selection of inks from Markem-Imaje, including CIJ inks, DOD inks, and TIJ inks. In addition to this, we stock both touch dry hot melt inks and legacy fluid inks. Whether you're looking to print use-by dates and traceability codes on unit packages or you need food-grade inks that comply with EEC requirements, you can be confident that we can help. All of the printers that we offer feature high-definition print up to 600 dpi, easy-to-use WYSIWYG software, and reliable ink delivery systems.

  • CIJ Inks
    Markem-Imaje CIJ Inks

    • Food-grade inks that meet EEC requirements
    • Can change color to indicate temperature variations
    • Washable
    • Suitable for environmentally sensitive applications
    • Fade-resistant options for long-term use
  • DOD Inks
    Markem-Imaje DOD Inks

    • Water-based option for cardboard surfaces
    • Propanol-based option for coated surfaces
    • Options available for non-porous materials and wood
    • Can be adapted to nearly any material and application
  • TIJ Inks
    Markem-Imaje TIJ Inks

    • Fast, reliable drying time
    • Easy-to-use snap in and snap out cartridges
    • Ideal for high-resolution printing
    • Low maintenance and easy to sustain
    • Time-tested performance and proven reliability
  • TTR Ribbons
    TTR Ribbons

    • Work on a range of printers, including near edge and flat head
    • Meet FDA, LfgB, and RoHS requirements
    • Capable of printing on a variety of substrates
    • Environmentally sensitive options for demanding applications
    • Solvent resistant ribbons available
  • Touch Dry Hot Melt Inks
    Touch Dry Hot Melt

    • Solid inks that instantly dry after printing
    • Inks with FDA-approved ingredients for food printing
    • Heat resistant and low temperature options available
    • A range of inks designed for cold temperature applications
    • High-speed printing options for flow wrapping applications
  • Legacy Fluid Inks
    Legacy Fluid Inks

    • Inks designed for pharmaceutical applications
    • RoHS compliant
    • For use screen printing, inpad printers, or direct/offset printers
    • Multiple curing options: heat, UV, or air
    • Capable of meeting military specifications and applications

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