Stretch Films

Stretch film is a packaging solution that keeps large products securely bound together and provides more efficient handling of unit loads. Additionally, stretch film provides moisture and dust protection. Films are made from a combination of polyethylene and other polymers to create a material that is strong, clingy, and damage resistant. They can either be blown (air-cooled after melting) or cast (roller cooled after melting). There are several types of stretch film and wrapping methods.

Hand films are manually wrapped stretch films and have several varieties. Stretch Films

  • Classic Blown  is the best selling, general purpose, hand applied stretch film.
  • WorldWrap Cast  is a strong, premium grade, cast co-extruded film designed to limit neck-down for better coverage with each wrap.
  • Extended Core  is the cast co-extruded, premium hand film wound on 1-1/4" cores with 5" extended application handles.
  • Supreme and ecoSupreme  are the newest, premium grade hand films made with special orientation that produces stronger film at thinner gauges.
  • Stretched  is the latest innovation engineered to outperform all competitive prestretched hand films regardless of thickness.
  • Steel  is designed to handle your toughest applications. 

Machine films can be used with automatic or semiautomatic machines that wrap loads by using a turntable or moving arm system.

  • Select Cast  is the best selling general purpose, cast co-extruded stretch film.
  • Magnum Cast  is the ideal film if you are looking to down-gauge an application or desire very high pre-stretch.
  • Summit Cast  is the newest, ultra-premium, one side cling, up to 300% pre-stretch, cast coextruded film
  • Sigma Choice  wraps your pallets with engineered, ultra-premium, cast machine film, and is cost effective.
  • Vortex  is a very tough film. Designed to handle the most demanding applications like hard to package "C" type loads, high speed ring wrappers for carpet fand fibers, extraordinary heavy pallets, or extremely valuable products that require exceptional unitization.

Specialty Films

  • Colors  Black security wrap (20" x 80 gauge extended core; 12" x 80 gauge, blown machine film)
  • UVI  UV stabilized film
  • Wide Web  stretch film (Available in blown and cast products)
  • Bundling Film 10-18" widths, cast and blown products
  • Silage  High Performance blown silage film that delivers high feed value
  • Custom Configurations  Custom Sizes, Bulk Packaging, Custom Labels

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