Packaging Automation Tops of the Packaging Process with Inkjet Coders

Packaging Automation

Packaging automation should always provide accurate and dependable work from start to finish, and the 5940 G Inkjet Coders from Markem-Imaje provide the perfect end to an automated operation with precisely printed barcodes. When printing coding on packaging, it needs to be done correctly every time to ensure the package can always be found in digital systems to move forward correctly in transit.

With the inkjet coder printer from Markem-Imaje, provided by Technical Packaging Systems, Inc., operations receive a piece of hardware with a variety of benefits to make operations not only perform faster, but more consistently as well.

Long-term savings alongside efficiency

When you choose the Markem-Imaje inkjet printer, you not only get a great piece of packaging automation hardware to improve the efficiency of operations, but you also invest in a solution that saves you in the long run. With your own barcode printer, you can get high quality, compliant packaging that has a label included without the need to hire another to add the finishing touch to your packages.

By having an inkjet drop-on-demand printer on-hand, you can also increase the production speed of your packaging automation operation by having everything you need on-hand. Increased production can mean increased profits for your business, so Technical Packaging Systems provides all the pieces of the puzzle to make yours work as best as possible.

An easy-to-use addition to any operation

One of the major benefits of that the 5940 G provides to packaging operations is an easy-to-use system for barcode printing. With a 10” color touch user interface that has a simple and intuitive menu included, the downtime between jobs that the printer is performing for your packaging automation is reduced, leading to a faster production.

The 5940 G also has a 75% larger ink container that most others on the market, which means there is less need for operators to intervene with production because of a needed ink cartridge swap. Through accurate and efficient printing and simple operation, the 5940 G provided through Technical Packaging Systems, Inc. makes operations work better than ever.

Technical Packaging Systems, Inc. has been in the business of packaging automation for long enough to know that when packaging automation operations need a dependable inkjet printer, they can count on the 5940 G from Markem-Imaje. Contact our team today to learn more about this piece of equipment that we offer and how it might help your operation!

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