Maintain Filler System Efficiency with the FC100 Cartridge Filler Capper

Filler System

No matter what industry you are in, when your operations involve a filler system, they need to be accurate and efficient to ensure that everything runs smoothly day after day. Technical Packaging Systems offers the FC100 Cartridge Filler Capper as a way for businesses to ensure that their filler system is consistent with their filler needs. Simple to operate and manage, the FC100 can be the perfect addition to any filler system as an additional tool to increase production.

Fit into any operation with ease

The FC100 Cartridge Filler Capper is an excellent choice for any filler system because of its compact design. With the choice for up stream or downstream automation, the FC100 can be implemented into your operation without having to move around any other larger parts of the operation. Through its compact design, operators can finish the complete filling and capping all from one position with the machine, making it a streamlined and simple process.

An innovative and advanced filler system

Because the FC100 Cartridge Filler Capper is a newer design for filler systems, it has been created to provide some of the most advanced filling and capping solutions on the market. A new fill head design can fill from 360°, which eliminates air bubbles while immediately priming the cartridge wick for immediate capping. This means the most efficient filling, without excess materials or empty space within the container being wasted.

A filler system with accuracy and efficiency

The FC100 is both an accurate, as well as an efficient filler system that you can count on. With a consistent fill accuracy of ± .02m, the FC100 is a great option to use exactly however much materials you need to for operations. And, because it can do up to 15 cartridges per minute at this accuracy, you also get the accurate filling your operation needs while it puts out cartridges with great efficiency.

Offering solutions for packaging, material handling, filler systems, and more, give us a call or reach out on our contact page for the best filler system solutions. The FC100 Cartridge Filler Capper is a great new way your operation can fill cartridges in an effective way and is one that you will want to implement into your operations for consistency. Requiring only electricity to operate, learn more about how the FC100 can help your business today!

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