Conveyor Systems & Dumpers/Tippers

ConveyorStainless Steel Conveyor System

Whether you need to keep it clean, oil it, wash it, bake it, dry it, cool it, or just move it, we have a conveyor system that can center, align, sort, orient, transfer, lift, lower, rotate, tilt, separate, or segregate whatever you’re packaging. Conveyor systems may be

  • Gravity or powered
  • Horizontal or vertical
  • Straight or curved
  • Inclined or declined
  • Long or short
  • Conveyor roller
  • Conveyor belt
  • Metal, plastic, or wire mesh belt
  • Standard or customLight or heavy capacity
  • High speed or low
  • Belt conveyor
  • Trough conveyor
  • Dumpers/tippers 

A new vendor for Technical Packaging Systems, Modular Conveyors, offers an economical alternative to custom designed conveyor systems with a line of pre-engineered, value-priced conveyors. These modular units can be arranged to fit nearly any layout requirement you have for your packaging line. Modular Conveyors can offer Tabletop, Mat-Style and Low-Profile Belt conveyors

Vertical Lifts

From 500 to 100,000 lbs (scissor type). We also feature an in-line lift-and-rotate apparatus that can rotate a package in a much smaller footprint than a turntable.


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