Inspection Systems

Inspection SystemNo matter what your product, what type of package, or how big it is, we can ensure that your packaging meets your fill specs and what's in it meets purity guidelines.

Technical Packaging System now offers inspection systems from Anritsu, with highly efficient and extremely accurate checkweighers and metal detectors for hazard analysis and critical control point programs.


Anritsu checkweighers help ensure safety and increase productivity for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Anritsu offers systems that weigh up to 310 products per minute with a maximum accuracy of ±.01 g and a scale value of 1 milligram. These precise checkweighers allow you to make effective use of raw materials, prevent loss, improve quality, and reduce unnecessary reject.

Inspection System VideoMetal Detectors

Dual Wave metal contamination detectors work with multiple frequencies to detect ferrous and stainless steel contaminants independently.  Anritsu is the first company to offer dual wave technology, and has expanded it with its Dual Wave High Sensitivity system to detect minute metal contamination while minimizing and even eliminating false rejects on high-speed lines. These metal contamination detectors take up a small footprint on a production line, and can be disassembled for sanitary cleaning and returned to the line without the use of tools.

Anritsu’s metal detectors can be integrated with its checkweighers in a small footprint to maximize product line efficiency, ensure label weight compliance, and provide higher quality and consistent product delivery.


Anritsu’s UltraHD X-ray inspection systems can detect the most minute contaminants, down to 0.2 mm diameter of ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel spheres. The company’s HD systems detect metal contaminants down to 0.4 mm diameter, and glass and stones down to 1-2 mm diameter.

Check products for multiple contaminants:

  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Stone
  • Plastic

Check products:

  • Prior to packaging
  • In virtually any physical state (slurry, fluid, powder, etc.)
  • In any type of packaging, including metalized

X-ray inspection is highly versatile and may also be used to check for:

  • Number
  • Product defects
  • Fill levels
  • Seal integrity
  • Packaging component damage
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