Automated Guided Storage Vehicles and Carts

Automated Guided Storage VehiclesAutomated Guided Vehicles

Automated Guided Vehicles, or AGVs, are mobile robots guided by magnetic markers or laser sensors to place and retrieve products and materials in storage areas in a variety of programmed moves. The speed and dependability of Automated Guided Vehicles allow for an uninterrupted flow of product to an automated packaging line.

The Automated Guided Vehicles are programmed to follow magnetic tape or bar laid in grooves carved in the floor along the vehicle's planned paths. The tape makes it easy to adjust routes, yet lay securely enough on the floor to prevent the guides from coming loose.

Laser "bumpers" stop the automated vehicle if a worker or an object enters its path. The virtual bumpers assure a clear zone of two feet, three feet or more, changing automatically during operations depending on its speed and safety margins the operator programs into the Automated Guided Vehicles.

Automated Guided Storage Vehicles VideoAutomatic Guided Carts

Automated Guided carts are smaller, less complicated alternatives to AGVs. Flexible and inexpensive, automated guided carts are about half the cost of a conventional automated vehicle, allowing you to add more when needed to improve your material handling workflow. Despite their smaller size, automated guided carts can carry or tow small or large objects.

Technical Packaging Systems can help you decide if you need automated guided vehicles for your operations, or if your material handling is more suited for automated guided carts. You may even find you need a mix of automated vehicles and carts to best keep your packaging lines running smoothly.

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