Stretch Wrappers

Stretch-wrap pallet-sized loads to avoid damage en route

Wrapping boxes of products and pallet-sized loads for shipping is inexpensive and efficient, but only if you have the right equipment. You quickly lose efficiency if your stretch wrapping system requires too much manual handling. Any cost savings can be drastically reduced if your stretch wrap doesn't properly secure the load. If your load isn't firmly wrapped, the load can shift in transit, resulting in severely damaged products.

Technical Packaging Systems addresses those issues by offering Lantech automated stretch wrap machines to stretch wrap loads for shipment, be they small or big, heavy or light. These machines are designed to quickly wrap your products with a minimum of worker intervention, and to properly secure loads to prevent accidental shifting.

TPS sells a number of Lantech machines including a series of turntable and straddle wrappers, plus the Lan-ringer for horizontal stretch wrapping.

The Q-Series is Lantech's most versatile semi-automatic wrapper, featuring a turntable on which you can place a wide variety of sizes and types for wrapping from an auto film feeder. This series is capable of wrapping the majority of pallet-load sizes and shapes.

The series includes the basic Q-250 model, best for shipping departments that need to handle five to ten loads a day, even if the boxes being shipped are not of uniform size.

The Q-300 is our best-selling model in the Q series. The Q-300 can wrap large loads or tall, heavy or fragile, including doors, windows and other shapes that fall out of the ordinary shipping-package shape.

The top of the line Q-300 XT Plus is geared for high production shipping with conveyor rollers that allow a load to be automatically wrapped and pushed off the turntable to make room for the next load. The conveyor can be configured to handle up to four pallet-sized loads.

The Q-series is available with many options, some of which are standard on the higher models such as Pallet Grip, which locks the load to the pallet. Loads that shift even partially off a pallet are a problem that annually costs billions of dollars to products during shipping. Pallet Grip solves that problem, and is also available for the S-Series of stretch wrappers.

The S-Series, in semiautomatic and fully automatic models, allows a forklift operator to place a load directly on the floor. The auto stretch wrap circles the pallet to secure the load. Since the load itself doesn't rotate, the S-Series is well suited for very heavy or very light loads, or unstable loads that could tip on a table during the wrapping.

For heavy loads requiring high wrap force and production line efficiency, Technical Packaging offers Lantech's Lan-ringer. A load is conveyed horizontally through the ring-shaped wrapper. The Lan-ringer system can be configured to fully wrap a load on all vertical and horizontal surfaces. The Lan-Ringer includes a 5" steel precision bearing, Allen Bradly touch screen, Lantech's exclusive dual support roll carriage and the Lan-logix state of the art control system.

Technical Packing Systems is the exclusive distributor of Lantech machinery in southwest Michigan. Contact TPS for form more information on how the line of Lantech stretch wrappers meets the needs of your shipping operation

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