Case Sealing

Helping you to reduce energy waste and increase productivity, Technical Packaging Systems offers a range of case sealing equipment. Regardless of whether you glue or tape your cases, our engineering team has the knowledge, experience and resources necessary to address the needs of your application.

Wexxar BEL 290T Case Sealers

The BEL 290T from Wexxar is an automatic tape case sealer that aims to address the needs of clients running heavy-duty applications. Equipped with a power save mode – along with a suite of Wexxar's other beneficial features – the BEL 290T is available in both top and bottom sealing configurations. Additionally, the compact machine comes standard with easy set-up guides, touch screen controls, a corrosion-resistant finish and Dekka stainless steel 2" tape heads.


With years of experience integrating case sealers into our customers' lines, the team at Technical Packaging Systems will work with you to discover the most effective – and cost-efficient – way to integrate our case sealers into your operation.

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