Label Applicators

Label applicators are flexible, price effective, stand-alone labelers that can be used with your current product handling system or a handling system purchased separately. Label applicators take up minimal floor space. They can be mounted on a portable stand or installed directly on product handling systems and conveyors.

TPS specializes in offering label applicators from Quadrel Labeling Systems, a manufacturer of a wide-range of pressure sensitive and shrink-sleeve labelers, including the simple to install and use label applicators to state-of-the-art, main frame pressure sensitive labeling systems. The applicators come in a variety of sizes and capabilities, but all place labels within 1/32-inch accuracy.

Label applicators TPS offers include:

  • Label Applicator
    E100 Label Applicator

    This modular, compact model is technically advanced and rugged, yet economical, capable of labeling 120 products per minute. Its ease of use and small footprint makes it one of the most popular label applicators that Quadrel supplies.

  • Label Applicator
    Q41 High Speed, Air Blow Label Applicator

    The Q41 air-blow pressure sensitive label application can handle up to 300 products per minute.

    The applicator's digital stepping motor drive increases speed without loss of accuracy, yet reduces downtime and maintenance by eliminating clutch/brake wear parts.

  • Label Applicator
    Q65 High Speed Label Applicator

    The Q65 is a high-performance label applicator that's based on the Q60 model but comes with integrated electronic controls. It features a large capacity 16-in diameter unwind. With its upgraded high-torque stepping motor label drive, the Q65 can label up to 350 products per minute while maintaining.

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    Q60 Label Applicator

    This versatile merge label applicator is standard in Quadrel's VersaLine, Premier and Rotary labeling systems. It's open architecture, however, allows it to be employed with a number of end-user control packages including Allen Bradley, PLC and Emerson servo motor label drive, push/pull web handling for thin film liners, remote unwinds and powered rewinds.

    The Q60 is available with a choice of servo or stepped label drive motor, remote electronics, and comes with 50 programmable product profile presets.

  • Label Applicator
    Q55 Label Applicator

    The Q55 is designed for demanding applications with production rates of up to 200 products per minute. It works well with other product handling systems and is ideal for a variety of stand-alone applications that demand dependable operation, even in the harshest environments.

    Its features include built-in electronics, programmable stepping-motor label drive and a high-speed microprocessor controller. It comes with an integrated U-mount style mounting yoke.

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