Label Applicators

Label ApplicatorLabel applicators are flexible, price effective, stand-alone labelers that can be used with your current product handling system or a handling system purchased separately. Label applicators take up minimal floor space. They can be mounted on a portable stand or installed directly on product handling systems and conveyors.

TPS specializes in offering label applicators from Auto Labe, a manufacturer of a wide-range of pressure sensitive labelers, including the simple to install and use label applicators to state-of-the-art, main frame pressure sensitive labeling systems. The applicators come in a variety of sizes and capabilities, but all place labels within 1/32-inch accuracy.

Label applicators TPS offers include:

  • Model 110S Stepper Label Applicator
  • Model 390 Automatic Horizontal Wraparound Label Applicator
  • Model 620 Automatic Pressure Sensitive Labeling Systems
  • Model 680S Automatic Front & Back Labeling System

Label Applicator Video

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