Upgrade Case Packing Stations with a Wexxar BEL 505 and 505XL

Case Packing

When you want to upgrade your packing station with semi-automated production that is sure to increase efficiency and dependability of your operation, the Wexxar BEL 505 and 505XL from Technical Packaging Systems, Inc. is a great option. Specifically design for manual case packing lines, the BEL 505 and 505XL, when connected to any BEL case sealer, can allow your workers to form, pack, and seal corrugated cases, all at one station!

Meant to add efficiency by removing unnecessary steps in the packing process, the BEL 505 or 505XL can help cut down on the number of hands needed during the process while also ensuring a more consistent product at the end of production.

A solution that is built to last

Crafted from corrosion resistant stainless steel with paint-free surfaces, both the 505 and the 505XL are built and designed to last businesses for years after they have been installed. The paint-free surface allows for easy maintenance if it is ever needed in the future, but the hardy design that has been crafted from years of engineering means solid machinery options that will stand up to even the heaviest workloads.

And, with features like safety switches that protect against accidental starting, the BEL 505 and 505XL are prevented from starting when they shouldn’t, meaning less risk of them getting damaged through inappropriate operation.

Simple operation for big returns

Because the BEL 505 and 505XL need operators to only insert a blank case, load the case with product, and push the case into the case sealer, they can add a simple-to-operate machine that provides big returns to your business. Rather than require a single individual or multiple to perform the different tasks that the 505 and 505XL can provide, you can streamline operations with machinery built for the job.

Because the units both easily integrate with BEL case sealers, the 505 and 505XL can easily be added into part of your process. Technical Packaging Systems has helped operations of all sizes with their case packing stations, and the 505 and 505XL are one more way that our team continues to get the best equipment where it’s needed.

With vast experience in packaging and material handling and the machinery that operates to serve these functions, Technical Packaging Systems, Inc. is your best choice for solutions for case packing stations. Contact our sales reps today to learn more about the Wexxar BEL 505 and 505XL and how they might help your operation!

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