Stretch Film

Stretch Film

Cast Stretch Film and Blown Stretch Film: Learn the Differences


When it comes to stretch films, there’s a wide variety available: different thicknesses, different additives, different resins, and different extrusion methods. With all of these differences, it can be difficult to determine which stretch film is best for your application. Primarily, though, this decision comes down to the properties that you need and, more importantly, whether you need “blown” or “cast” stretch film. In today’s post, we’re going to take a closer look at these two options.

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Stretch Film

How to Determine the Best Stretch Film for Your Application


When it comes to selecting a stretch film, there are a nearly infinite number of possibilities. There are varying thicknesses, pre-stretch qualities, assorted additives, and extrusion methods. As a result, it can be challenging – and overwhelming – trying to determine the correct film to use for your application. When considering the best option for you, there's no harm in asking the experts! The team at Technical Packaging Systems is always happy to assist our clients in finding products that meet their needs.

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Lantech Stretch Wrappers

How Stretch Film is Produced and the Right Film for You


Stretch films are very diverse in terms of thickness, pre-stretch, different additives and resins, and also how the film is extruded. The two different techniques used to create stretch film are blown and stretch. Each of these techniques used to create the stretch film will yield different properties – and depending on your application – you’ll want to consider what the best fit is for you. We have laid out the quick and easy comparisons between blown film and cast film for you.

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