Visit the TPS Pack Expo to See Shrink Wrappers, Conveyors, Labelers, and More!

Shrink Wrappers

If you’re in the market for shrink wrappers, conveyors, labelers, cartoners, inspection systems, or any number of other packaging systems, you’re in luck! The 2019 TPS Pack Expo is being held on June 26th and 27th from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. A good opportunity to take a closer look at the industry’s best packaging equipment, the expo affords visitors the ability to see, learn about, and interact with top-of-the-line machines. Whether you’re looking to open a new facility or you want to upgrade your current line, the TPS Pack Expo is a great chance to get some hands-on experience and – more importantly – advice from industry experts.

A few of the packaging line components and solutions that will be featured at the expo:

  • Markem-Imaje Marking and Coding CIJ, High Resolution Inkjet Hot Melt, Thermal Transfer Printers, Print and Apply Labeling and Laser Coding
  • Ohlson Packaging Combination Scale Vertical Bagger
  • APT Fanuc Robotics and Automation
  • Lantech Stretch Wrapping, State-of-the-Art Metered Film Delivery
  • Texwrap Automatic Shrink Wrapping
  • Arpac Shrink Bundling
  • Anritsu Inspection Systems X-ray, Checkweigh and Metal Detection
  • Omni Metalcraft Case and Pallet Handling Conveyors
  • Garvey Product Handling Conveyors
  • Cognex Machine Vision and Barcode Readers
  • SofTech Engineering Controls Design and Plant Automation

At Technical Packaging Systems, we’re committed to ensuring that our customers have all of the information that they need to make reasoned, cost-effective decisions. If you’re in the market for new packaging solutions, from shrink wrappers and labelers to case formers and bagging systems, contact us to learn how we can help!

Download the TPS Pack Expo Brochure!

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