Explore the Performance and Capabilities of the Markem-Image 9028


When it comes to marking and coding, Markem-Imaje is an industry leader and, with their model 9028, they’ve provided customers with an inkjet printing system that is fast, efficient, versatile, and reliable. As a trusted manufacturer of traceability solutions, Markem-Imaje has built their reputation around offering high-quality inkjet, laser, thermal transfer, and label application systems. Continually seeking to improve their products, they operate a number of global research and development centers and manufacturing plants. In today’s post, we’re going to take a closer look at the model 9028, discuss its capabilities and explore how it can improve efficiency on your production line.


The 9028 is engineered for customizability. Offering up to four lines of text, font sizes from 5-dot to 24-dot lines, and character heights from 1.8 mm to 8.7 mm, the 9028 is one of the most modifiable and capable machines on the market.


With the ability to print on a number of substrates – including plastic, glass, metal, and cardboard – the 9028 is a versatile, flexible machine. In addition to printing substrates, it also has the ability to use a wide range of multipurpose black inks, including MEK-free and permanent inks.

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