stretch wrappers

Stretch Wrappers

Create Secure, Safe-to-Ship Loads More Easily with Help from Technical Packaging Systems


If you're considering integrating a stretch wrapper into your production line, you've undoubtedly wrestled with concerns over operator skill. With the time – and financial – investment required to properly train operators, it can be risky gambling on employees that may – or may not – stick around. This, coupled with the downtime incurred by a training period, can make the integration of a stretch wrapper seem out of reach. Well, with Lantech's new "Load Guardian" program, these concerns are a thing of the past!

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Lantech Stretch Wrappers

Explore Stretch Wrapper Options at Technical Packaging Systems’ Lantech Truck Blitz


Next month, October 11 to October 13, Technical Packaging Systems will be giving customers the chance to explore stretch wrapper options firsthand with our Lantech Truck Blitz. Loaded up with the company's Q400XT with the "EZ Scale" and "Click-N-Go" upgrades, this is an excellent opportunity to learn about advancements in stretch wrapper technology, as well as see these amazing pieces of equipment in action. During the event, our staff will be on hand and prepared to answer any questions that you may have about integrating new stretch wrapping equipment into your operation, such as our equipment's production speeds, maximum load weights and wrap forces.

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