See Our Cannabis Cartridge Filler and Capper at the Oklahoma CannaCon Expo

Cannabis Cartridge Filler and Capper

If you missed the cannabis cartridge filler and capper from Technical Packaging Systems, Inc. at the CannaCon Midwest Show, you have another great opportunity to learn about it at the Oklahoma CannaCon Expo. The team at Technical Packaging Systems will be featuring our FC100 cartridge filling and capping technology, a piece of automation that can be a great benefit to the operations of any cannabis business that wants to increase the efficiency and accuracy of their operation.

What the filler and capper can do

By delivering both filling and capping accuracy, the FC100 is a great addition to cannabis operations that want to increase how many cartridges they fill each minute of the day. Built in a compact design, the FC 100 can be easily implemented into any operation and provides simple options for upgrades that provide up stream and down stream automation with the rest of your operation. Filling from 360 degrees, the FC100 eliminates any air bubbles that can form during the process, allowing for immediate capping. With a purely electric design, this filler and capper requires no compressed air either, meaning one less material you must worry about in your automated process. With these capabilities and more, the filler capper is sure to improve the accuracy and efficiency of any operation that takes advantage of what it has to offer.

Meet and greet with us

If you want to see some of what the FC100 is capable of in person, you can meet us at the Expo. We will be in one of the many booths in the Oklahoma CannaCon Expo, and you can find us here. When you meet with us, you can learn about all our commercial grade equipment that we have to offer, as well as any specifics that you want to know about the FC100 and its capabilities. We always enjoy the opportunity to meet our potential customers in person, as it lets us show what the equipment that we have to offer is capable of in a hands-on way. If you are attending the Oklahoma CannaCon Expo and are looking for great new ideas and equipment to implement into your production, count on Technical Packaging Systems, Inc. to show you the best.

With over three decades of experience as a packaging and material handling distributor and integrator, Technical Packaging Systems, Inc. is a great option for you to visit while at the Oklahoma CannaCon Expo this spring. To learn more about our company or what we’ll have available at the Expo, contact us today!

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