Check Out the Newest Addition to Lantech’s LeanWrap® Series, the QL-400 Stretch Wrapper

Stretch Wrapper

At Technical Packaging Systems, we’re always excited to hear about new additions to Lantech’s line of high-quality stretch wrappers. Recently, they added the QL-400 to their LeanWrap® series. The QL-400 is billed as an “intelligent, intuitive, and instructional semi-automatic stretch wrapper.” Bundled with interactive applications that make it a breeze to build new wrap profiles, the QL-400 reduces your machine’s dependency on operators, allowing your staff to focus on more productive – and profitable – tasks. With the ability to utilize custom settings by using your smartphone, the entire Load Guardian™ series aims to streamline your wrapping process and, more importantly, allow you to move products faster and more securely.

The newest addition to the line, the QL-400, is among the most robust ever manufactured. Informed by over 25 years of Q machine warranty experience, the engineers at Lantech have created a stretch wrapper that can stand up to even the most rigorous applications. In its standard configuration, the QL-400 includes features that prevent loads from sliding off during shipment, auto-cut film, maximize film usage, and safeguard the machine from dust, dirt, and moisture. Added options include an integrated EZ Weigh® scale and features that allow your drivers to remain on their forklifts.

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