Breakthrough in vape cartridge filling and capping technology showcased at MJBizCon, Las Vegas, Nevada, November 29, 30, December 1, 2023.

Breakthrough in vape cartridge filling and capping technology

Technical Packaging Systems specialists in packaging automation have revolutionized the way vape cartridges are filled and capped. The VFC 100 completes the task of filling and capping in one simple process. You are no longer required to purchase a secondary machine to finish the job. The all-electric machine accurately fills and caps up to 15 cartridges per minute and will accommodate both screw on and press-fit mouthpieces. All-electric also means you can forget about the need to buy an air compressor.

Why is inline capping important? You’ve created a high value product for human consumption. It should be processed and packaged in a sanitary environment. The longer the cartridge is left open the higher the risk of contamination. Moreover, cart open time that exceeds 3 minutes can lead to leaking cartridges resulting in a bad user experience. Will your customer buy your product again after a bad experience? It is hard to build a new brand as well as a loyal customer base. When it comes to packaging automation take the time to thoroughly research your available options. With the right buying decision, certain problems are avoidable. Instead of processing returns and issuing credit, spend your time building value in your business growing revenue with high quality products.

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