Efficient and Reliable Pallet Labeling with CimPak

Efficient and Reliable Pallet Labeling with CimPak

With a strong reputation for quality and reliability in manufacturing environments, CimPak pallet labeling systems provide versatile, scalable solutions. This equipment is designed to help achieve the highest level of traceability in warehousing and inventory control. In today’s post, we will discuss the features that make CimPak pallet labeling system the most dependable on the market.

Clear, Accurate Text and Code Printing

The CimPak design has a proven track record of delivering accurate, clear codes and text, including easily readable barcodes which meet all GS1 (UDD-EAN) standards. With enhanced visibility in the supply chain, tracking products from one point to another is much easier and more efficient. This system also uses synchronized ink ribbon roll changes that optimizes uptime and ensures a continuous operation.

User-Friendly Operation

The CimPak user interface features simple button operation and service diagnostics, making for user-friendly management that is easy to learn. This system can accurately label up to four sides of a pallet (front, sides, and rear) with perfectly readable and scannable barcodes to help maximize productivity. With the ability to reach up to 120 pallets per hour, this system can meet even the highest customer demands with unmatched efficiency.

Seamless Integration

With unmatched flexibility of connectivity, CimPak can help with seamless integration into packaging lines, databases, and ERP systems through CoLOS® Enterprise Software. With this level of adaptability, the CimPak will become an integral part of your operations.

Complete Traceability of Your Pallets

Maybe the most important aspect of the CimPak system is the complete traceability it provides. Allowing each pallet to be identified and tracked through every step of its journey, this system allows you know exactly where your pallet is from the moment it leaves your facility until the moment it arrives at its final destination. Not only will this traceability allow you to properly track your pallet, but it can also provide you accurate details about the movement and location of products within the supply chain. CimPak is the ideal solution for a reliable, easy-to-use labeling system providing comprehensive traceability. For more information about the CimPak system, please contact the professionals at Technical Packaging Systems, Inc.

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