TPS Partners with Trinamics to Offer Industry Leading Case, Cartoners and Sleeve Wrappers

Technical Packaging Systems is a key distributor of Trinamics' line of quality packaging machinery, including: highly flexible Cartoners; Case Packers; Case Erectors, Sealers, and Sleeve Wrappers.

Trinamics manufactures packaging machinery for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, household and light industrial product producers. Trinamics offers its engineered packaging machinery solutions for standard or non-standard applications. TPS values Trinamics machinery for their increased packaging efficiency, productivity, reduced labor requirements and minimal maintenance.

The TR1000TL and TR2000TL Top Load Case Packers are flexible packaging centers designed to accommodate a broad range of products. The TR1000TL and TR2000T have proven themselves to be a reliable and efficient addition to packaging lines with rates of up to 20 cycles per minute using their heavy-duty flexible servo arrangement. Standard features such as rapid changeover components and changeovers controlled through an HMI touch screen increases up-time, efficiency and profitability of packaging lines. Download the TR1000TL and TR2000TL Top Load Case Packers Brochure.

The TR2000 series of cartoners provide exceptional value to North American packagers. Trinamics high-quality cartoner systems are rugged, powerful, innovative and highly flexible, making them capable to meet the demands of low, medium and high volume production.

The TR2000SW Wrap-Around Sleever is continuous motion, compact, fully automatic form, load and seal sleeving system. Designed by Trinamics to wrap an economical flat die-cut carton-blank fully around a product, the TR2000SW Sleever is a user-friendly, easy to operate and service sleeve wrap system that can operate in sustained 24 hour packaging environments. This economical, high-quality, sleeve wrapper handles a wide range of products and sizes.


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