Optimize Your Line with the Model 390 Label Applicator from AutoLabe

Label Applicator

If you’re looking for a better way to label your products when they’re on the line, the Model 390 Automatic Horizontal Wraparound Label Applicator from AutoLabe is an excellent solution. Ideal for pharmaceutical applications, it offers extremely accurate label placement. This level of dependability is essential in a wide range of industries, including medical, food, chemical, and warehousing. When you need to be absolutely, positively certain that your labels are being applied correctly and consistently you owe it to yourself  — and your customers — to utilize equipment that has been engineered from the ground up for accuracy.

Known for manufacturing high-quality labeling systems and label applicators entirely in the United States, AutoLabe employs a massive team of engineers and design professionals. Aiming to set the bar for labeling equipment, the company creates a wide range of semi-automatic, automatic, and print and apply labeling systems. For over five decades, AutoLabe has been the trusted, go-to source for the industry’s best labeling solutions.

At Technical Packaging Systems, we are proud to partner with AutoLabe to offer the Model 390 label applicator. Available with a number of options, including an optional product metering wheel and a safety cover, the machine is ideal for small, difficult to handle round products. Extremely adaptable, the Model 390 can also be customized to properly label oddly shaped items, including syringes. So, if you’ve been searching for a way to optimize your line and consistently apply labels to hard-to-label products, contact us today to learn how we can help!

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