Labels, Packaging, and More Get Quality Printing with High-Definition Case Coding

Case Coding

Although it may not always seem like something of large importance in a production line, quality, high-definition case coding is not something to be taken for granted. Technical Packaging Systems, Inc. offers some the best and most efficient case coding machines with the 5800 Touch Dry® High Resolution Inkjet Coder. Designed to quickly fill and jet hot melt inks, your codes won’t fade, bleed, or smear since they are dry on contact as soon as they are printed. This system works together to create print codes that are some of the darkest and most consistently scannable in the industry!

A quicker and easier operation

Because the 5800 Touch Dry® High Resolution Inkjet Coder that Technical Packaging Systems, Inc. can offer is designed for a quicker and easier operation, you can worry less about productivity when you have one on your line. With a setup designed to allow ink to be swapped without stopping production, a simple to use interface for employees, and less of a dependence on operator maintenance because of its solventless ink and autopurge technology, everything can run smooth on your production line day in and day out. And, because the ink used in the 5800 Touch Dry® High Resolution Inkjet Coder is higher contrast that standard barcode printing, your operation can have more reliable barcodes with improved scannability, leading to less waste down the line.

Maintain flexibility with case coding

With the 5800 Touch Dry® High Resolution Inkjet Coder from Technical Packaging Systems, Inc., any business that requires case coding can get the flexibility for their operation to best help it. With different jetting orientations, configuration options and additions, as well as the ability to connect to your production lines, databases, or ERP systems, the 5800 Touch Dry® High Resolution Inkjet Coder has everything you need to easily add it into your daily operations and get quality case coding. Technical Packaging Systems, Inc. only carries the best equipment in the business for our customers, so make sure to take advantage of the 5800 Touch Dry® High Resolution Inkjet Coder if you want to improve your case coding.

With different print features, operative options, and more, the 5800 Touch Dry® High Resolution Inkjet Coder offered through Technical Packaging Systems, Inc. has everything you need to make your case coding operations run more efficiently around your needs. Contact us today to learn more or to get started on an order for your business!

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