Case Forming

WF20 Case Former

WexxarBEL WF20 - Seeing is Believing


The WF20 fully automatic case former introduces a new level of refinement and performance and raises the standards for ease of use, case forming quality, and customer value. Technical Packaging Systems is inviting anyone interested in seeing this case former in action to our facility to experience hands on testing. Our Automation Summit will run from August 29 to September 16. To sign up and reserve your time slot click here. Not only will you be able to experience the WF20 but you will also be able to see and test all of the packaging materials on our show floor.

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How to Grow Your Brewery with Case Packing


Local craft breweries in Michigan and abroad are growing at astonishing rates. With increasing demand for product, comes an increase in production. Technical Packaging Systems is here to make sure that your packaging can keep up with production and demand for your product. The cost of a machine is a one-time purchase that will, over time, pay dividends.

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