Craft Brewery Packaging

Technical Packaging Systems is a proud supporter of micro breweries. We have worked with local reputable breweries in the Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids areas. Our focus is to help your business grow and keep up with the demand for your beer. Whether your brewery is just starting or has a long history of making great beer, we make sure all of you packaging needs are exceeded. Click here to have a quick look at our Craft Brewers Brochure.


Canning and Bottling Solutions 

We offer semi-automatic as well as fully automatic canning and bottling fillers to handle any speeds your brewery is capable of.We know that each brewery has different needs, which is why we partner with several companies to make sure we find the best solution for you. 


Tray-Forming and Six Pack Carrier Erectors

Technical Packaging Systmes offeres a simple, compact unit for erecting up to 20 carriers per minute. The carriers are delivered upright, erected for bottle loading. Our trayforming solutions accomodate "Open Top Glue" or "Rollover Locking" trays with speeds up to 25 trays per minute. These trays are ideal for a 24 count of cans or bottles.


Sanitary Design Conveyors

We offer pre-engineered solutions for tabletop conveyors designed to index your products down the packaging line. From Depalletizing empty cans or bottles, to the final packaged product, our conveyors will take you there. With washdown and drip pan options, these conveyors are up to the most challenging applications. 


Automatic Labeling

Whether you are labeling cans or bottles, Technical Packaging Systems has a solution for you. Our labeling equipment is a high performance, yet economically priced, modular system for standard or custom applications with production rates of 300ppm or less. Our labelers surpass all equipment in its price range and is suitbale for multi-shitf operations where long-term reliability is paramount. 


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