Modular Conveyors

Modular Conveyor Express is a Wisconsin company dedicated to providing high quality conveyor systems to customers across the country. MCE is part of Nercon Eng. & Mfg., and has the technical expertise and manufacturing capabilities to provide proven designs quickly and competitively – saving time and money.

For many packaging and manufacturing operations, responsiveness is the key to handling customer demands. Unlike traditional conveyor suppliers, the Modular Conveyor Express line of conveyor is pre-engineered with common components in stock. This allows us to bypass our custom engineering group, saving you time and money.

Modular Conveyor Express's 125,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Oconto, WI is equipped with state of the art manufacturing equipment and staffed by experienced tradespeople and assemblers. By combining lean manufacturing processes with fabrication experience and purchasing power, Modular Conveyor Express is able to quickly ship fully assembled components for quick, easy final installation in your plant.

The MCE family of conveyors includes a variety of conveyor types, sizes, components, and accessories. MCE conveyor modules can be configured to satisfy the functional requirements of most conveying systems for packaging lines and manufacturing operations. And we continue to regularly add new products to the family.
Here is how Modular Conveyor Express can help companies streamline their operations and save money:

EXPRESS RESPONSE. MCE has partnered with distributors throughout North America to provide local, responsive service for you. Backed by the technical and manufacturing resources of one of the leading conveyor suppliers, our distributor network offers customers the best of both worlds – the responsiveness and knowledge of a local representative and the experience and capabilities of a global manufacturer.

EXPRESS SHIPMENT. When you need equipment quickly, Modular Conveyor Express will ship on-time and without hassle. Most orders ship in 5-10 business days, thanks to our lean manufacturing processes.

QUALITY. MCE conveyors utilize proven designs that perform reliably in a wide range of industries and production environments. Compare the design and construction of Modular Conveyor Express equipment to our competitors' offerings and you will see our quality is unmatched, heavy-duty, and built to last.

VALUE. We recognize that pricing is extremely competitive on Tabletop and Mat Style conveyors. With MCE you can achieve significant cost savings versus custom conveyors by utilizing our standard modular components in your layout.

FLEXIBILITY. Many companies today have to be able to change their manufacturing layouts quickly to adapt to new market trends or manufacturing requirements. The modular design of MCE equipment allows you to quickly and easily reconfigure your conveyor systems and minimize the cost and time needed to change your production areas.

NEED MINOR MODIFICATIONS? Technical Packaging Systems is equipped to add specialty accessories or make modifications during installation. With a little extra time MCE can often make some changes to equipment during the manufacturing process - depending on the changes required. If standard MCE products don't quite fit your needs, ask Technical Packaging Systems if we can make a modification specifically designed for you.

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