As the premier Lantech distributor in Southwest Michigan, Technical Packaging Systems is a full-service packaging consultant with over 30 years of experience.

The core value of TPS is loyalty to their customers. TPS understands that productivity is essential for a successful business. That's why TPS has chosen to become a distributor for the leading secondary packaging solutions manufacturer, Lantech.

The three most popular stretch-wrappers we offer from Lantech have features to match all of your stretch-wrapping needs. The Q Series, S Series, and Lan-ringer are designed with the intention of eliminating routine maintenance, reducing time, and maximizing safety. No matter the size, shape, or fragility of your items, TPS and Lantech have a stretch-wrapper for your company.

The Q semi-automatic series is the most versatile of the stretch-wrappers and comes with a 5 year all inclusive warranty. Q Series semi-automatic and automatic turntable stretch wrappers wrap the majority of all pallet load sizes and shapes. With six standard models to choose from, your business can find the model that suits the budget and scale of your operation.

The most popular stretch wrapper at TPS is the Q300. The Q300 can wrap 25-35 loads per hour, has a 4000 lbs. maximum load weight and 80" maximum load height. The enclosed mast design makes the Q300 safe for your workers and is very easy to use. You won't have to worry about an extensive training period to learn how to operate the Q300 and because there is no required routine or preventative maintenance, this model of the Q semi-automatic series helps your business run smoothly and efficiently.

The S Series semiautomatic and automatic straddle stretch wrappers wrap lightweight unstable pallet loads. Each of the two models of the S series includes a comprehensive 3 year warranty with unlimited cycles and all components covered. There are not any weight restrictions and because the pallet doesn't rotate, even the most unstable loads are wrapped with precision and locked into place with a film cable. Plus, there is no preventative maintenance required.

The Lan-ringer stretch wrapping systems wrap long products that will not fit on turntable stretch wrappers or wrap products that require banding, compression or extra packaging for shipment. The Lan-ringer was designed so high volume, end of the line operations who operate 24/7 could consistently wrap difficult or heavy loads. The Lan-logix control system and Allen Bradley touch screen, allows the machine operator to see operating and maintenance data from the touch screen on the machine without any additional software.

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