IPak Machinery developes innovative tray forming machinery to solve packaging line challenges in all industries where corrugated trays are used. Their objective is to exceed the expectations of retailers in terms of precisely forming retail trays, delivering greater tray performance and utilizing the least amount of paper.

IPak offers a multitude of solutions representing over 40 different configurations, from a solid entry level machine for smaller processors to sophisticated machinery for high speed lines running multiple container styles and sizes 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our expertise does not stop with designing and building tray formers, our product line up includes solutions for empty tray stacking and tray sealing. As well we offer retrofit services so as to add new tray sizes or styles to existing equipment.

Technical Packaging Systems is focused on providing the best possible service when you are required to modify or add a new size by designing the appropriate change parts in a timely manner. Service technicians will have you up and running in as few hours as possible.

IPak's experience with corrugated design and production provides an advantage over many competitors. The IPak engineering group truly understand container design and function as well as the correlation between the tray blank and the machine forming process. The dedicated workforce coupled with regional sales and support have produced satisfied customers in a broad range of industries across North America.

IPak Features

Integrated Servo Technology

The Servo-driven S-Series delivers superior speed, tray style flexibility, and forming consistency in a simpler, easier to maintain design than traditional mechanical solutions. The independently controlled vacuum cups pull the blank onto the guide rails where the S-Drive servo advance system pushes the blank forward for precise glue pattern placement on each and every cycle. The servo drive accelerates the blank into the compression section eliminating the need for compression accelerator rollers. A signal is supplied to the S-Drive mandrel to descend onto the precisely placed blank so that the specially designed plows, rotary folders and pneumatically controlled compression plates can complete a perfectly formed tray.

Easy Load Blank Hopper

The horizontal blank feed and forming process on IPak machines allows for a horizontal-stacking blank hopper. The hopper is near waist height, which allows easy access and loading, as well as precise blank feeding. On competitive machines that utilize a vertical feed and forming process, the hoppers are often at heights that make loading difficult and unreliable.

Sequence Programming and touch-screen control panel

In our quest to make tray formers easier to operate while handling multiple sizes and styles, our philosophy to machine programming operates on a premise of time sequencing. Each machine function, whether it is the blank picking, the application of glue, or the time a compression cylinder is actuated, has a relation to each of the other functions. With this time sequencing approach, the S-Series tray formers are quickly and easily adjusted to meet your production requirements. Dependent on the tray style and pre-approved parameters, your tray former can easily be adjusted to meet your tray output requirements.

Color-coded quick size change

IPak tray formers take repeatable quick-change to the next level resulting in industry-leading changeover times. Easy to turn lead screws with color-coded crank handles and precise digital readouts produce exact change-over settings. Precise adjustments are made quickly using color-coded ratchet handles with stops, scribes or scales. Mandrels are changed using quick release fasteners and are easily slid into place at the exact location. Changeover instructions are conveniently placed on the machine for quick referencing.

Independently Controlled Vacuum Blank Picking

Reliable vacuum blank picking is critical for the best tray former in the market. IPak accomplishes this by supplying up to six independently controlled, self-cleaning vacuum cup assemblies, each with a dedicated Venturi style vacuum generator to deliver optimum blank picking without causing jams or missed picks. The standard S-Series Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC controls the timing and speed of the reciprocating motion, which is tuned for optimum performance and low maintenance.

High Speed Glue Pattern Control

Precise glue application is achieved with exact servo positioning, instead of traditional mechanical control with timers. The timing is controlled through the standard 8 inch color touchscreen HMI, located on the electrical control panel door for easy access. This allows for exact glue placement and optimal glue use

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