Stretch Wrapping and Shipping: the Story of Here to There


There’s a stark difference between how people travel and how a pallet load travels. Snug in the soft, upholstered seats of our vehicles, we move painlessly from one place to another. Pallet loads, on the other hand, must endure some of the harshest travel conditions possible: freezing cold, creeping moisture, extreme vibration and more.

One of the manufacturers that we work closely with, Lantech, recently posted the inspiring “untold” story of a load’s travels. We’re going to highlight a few sections of that story here and discuss how Technical Packaging Systems can help you ensure that your loads arrive safely, snugly and securely at their final destination.

“After I’m stacked, it’s time to unitize my pieces with stretch wrapping. Talk about a safety blanket! Stretch wrap machines wrap layers of plastic around me, giving me a nice big hug, and if done right it keeps me together during the journey to my new home. I believe some people call that hug containment force.”

Containment force is one of the most important elements of safe shipping. Too much and you risk the wrapping material bursting during transit. Too little and your loads can shift, causing uneven pressure that can result in the failure of your load’s wrapping material. The Lantech automated stretch wrap machines that we offer help you to control containment force but, more importantly, they reduce labor costs by requiring minimal worker intervention.

“Stacking me correctly, giving me enough containment force, securing me to my pallet and making sure I don’t have any long film tails are the things that give me the greatest chance of making it to my destination successfully.”

At Technical Packaging Systems, we offer a comprehensive line of equipment that will help your loads arrive at their destination secured and damage-free. From stretch wrappers to pallet utilization systems, we make the trip from here to there as painless as possible. If you’d like to learn more about the products that we offer and how they can help you reduce instances of damaged shipments, contact us today to discuss Lantech’s amazing line of stretch wrappers!

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