Learn About High Resolution Inkjet Coders

Learn About High Resolution Inkjet Coders

Featuring a patent-pending design, our Intelli’Flow technology provides unparalleled code quality. This technology utilizes advanced airflow mechanisms to keep ink and dust from accumulating, helping maximize printhead jet clarity for accurate code printing. This tech also prevents air bubble formation during high-speed printing through a built-in filter system, resulting codes that are well-defined and properly scanned in compliance with GS1-128 standards.

Preserve Resolution with Touch Dry® Inks

For C grade barcodes, our Touch Dry® Inks are specially formulated to solidify upon contact with the printing surface, resulting in clear resolution, even when printed onto corrugated materials. We also have high density inks for greater contrast and a wide range of colored inks for greater customization and recognition of brand logos.

Advanced Vision Inspection for Successful Code Verification

Offering superior code verification and automated inspection capabilities, our Advanced Vision Inspection solutions give you peace of mind with accurate shipping and tracking. Our proven technology produces printed codes that are accurate and easily-readable to help you meet the demands of your industry. For more information about these High Resolution Inkjet Coders, contact Technical Packaging Systems today. We have solutions that will accommodate even your most demanding clients.

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