Technical Packaging Systems is SW Michigan's premier full-service packaging consultant. TPS has partnered with the top companies to ensure every step of your packaging process is reliable and efficient. As a Quadrel Labeling Systems distributor, TPS provides your business with the "Labelers That Fit."

Quadrel provides cost effective labeling solutions and has a wide range of application equipment. For over 40 years, Quadrel has made listening to their customers a top priority. "Only after we understand your business as a partner are we able to provide you with a perfect labeling solution."

As a Quadrel distributor, TPS offers a complete line of label applicators. From simple, economically priced to high speed servo driven label applicators, we have the Quadrel label applicator to fit your needs.

The E100 Label Applicator is an economically-priced, compact, modular label applicator. This technically advanced, rugged label applicator is the labeling head of choice for Quadrel's Tabletop and EconoLine product lines. Features that stand out on the E100 include microprocessor controls with intuitive password protected menus, 50 programmable product profile presets, and production rates of 120 products per minute.

Q65 Label Applicator is the high-performance "workhorse" of Quadrel's product line. This label applicator is able to withstand demanding applications they require 24-7 dependability. As Quadrel's labeler of choice for the popular VersaLine Open Frame Labeling Systems, the Q65 is ideal for stand-alone applications on existing packaging lines. The Q65 produces 350 parts per minute and is equipped with microprocessor controls with intuitive password protect menus and 50 programmable product profile presets. The rotatable head can label the top, side, or bottom of products without any parts changes.

The Q60 Label Applicator is ideal for Quadrel's rotary, high speed in-line, or custom systems. This versatile merge label applicator provides 24-7 reliability for demanding applications. Available with customer specified PLC controls (Allen Bradley, Siemens, or Mitsubishi) and 50 programmable product profile presets. This head can be integrated into all Quadrel's cabinet base systems and produce 350 products per minute.

The Q41 Label Applicator is a air-blow label applicator. This high performance labeling head is ideal in demanding applications that require versatility. The rotated head allows label on top, bottom, or sides of products. With a user-friendly operator interface, product changeover is streamlined, reliability increased, and service is simplified. A digital stepping motor drive increases speed and accuracy while reducing downtime and maintenance by eliminating clutch and brake wear parts. Additional features include memory for 9 label presets and ability to monitor product/ label counts. The Q41 is capable of producing 300 products per minute.